Default value for silent mode on parser

Silent means errors and warnings are totally ignored in opposed to un-silent where errors and warnings can be inserted into rendered source and also push to standard output.

Default value is False.


The docutils writer to use, can be html4 (suitable for xhtml too) or html5.

Default value is "html5".


Default parser configurations used with autodiscovering for initial configuration registry.

Default entry default must allways be present.

Avoid to tamper this setting, instead prefer to use project configuration file or per app configuration files.

Default value:

    'default': {
        'initial_header_level': 3,
        'file_insertion_enabled': False,
        'raw_enabled': False,
        'language_code': "en",
        'footnote_references': 'superscript',
        'doctitle_xform': False,

These are common parameters that should fit for every basic usage. For details about registry and configuration see Configuration registry.


Optional project level configurations file, this have to be a correct Python path to a crumb module.

Default value is None.


CSS class prefix for generated Pygments elements when not using inline styles.

Default value is "pygments".


Enable usage of inline CSS styles in HTML generated by Pygments.

This will fill your HTML with a lot of inline styles. Disabled by default, the recommended way is to style it yourself, because there is not so much to do once.

Default value is False.


Template string used to format error from rst.viewreporter.SourceReporter.

Default value:

"Line {lineno} : {message}"


Global parser security parameters.

They’re automatically appended to each configurations after every other parameters, so they can override them but never can be overrided.

Default value:

    'halt_level': 6,  # Dont halt script execution even if errors
    'enable_exit': 0  # Disable script exit when halt or finished