Html5 writer

Original code is from ‘Bradley Wright’ on Github :

Stealed and modified because i wanted to keep <section/> behavior but not to follow the same way than ‘rst-to-semantic-html5’.

class rstview.html5writer.SemanticHTML5Translator(document)[source]

This is a translator class for the docutils system. It will produce a minimal set of html output. (No extra divs, classes over ids.)

It also aims to produce HTML5 (section etc.)


No classes please

class rstview.html5writer.SemanticHTML5Writer[source]

This docutils writer will use the SemanticHTML5Translator class below.

class rstview.html5writer.abbreviation(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[source]

Node for abbreviations with explanations.

class rstview.html5writer.kbd(rawsource='', text='', *children, **attributes)[source]

Node for kbd element